Carnelian Prayer Beads
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Carnelian encourages passion, confidence and creativity. It is a stone of life force energy and physical vitality. It is also a stone of courage and leadership. Carnelian awakens and balances the energy of the first three chakras.

Meditating with Prayer Beads

To begin your prayer, hold the bottom bead/s (crystal, heart, etc.) and set your intention. Then enter the circle of beads, moving to the right, repeating your prayer as you hold each of the seven beads. You have completed each set of seven when you reach the bead of a different color or size. When you have finished the four sets of seven beads, finish with a prayer of gratitude. Some people sleep with their beads, hang them up where they are readily available and visible, place them on your personal altar, etc.



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Carnelian Prayer Beads

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